Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Transition for Me and for This Blog

I recently changed jobs (and sectors, and coasts even), and thought it was a good chance to revisit this blog and how I want to use it. I've decided to "restart" the blog. I deleted all the old posts, but saved them in my own files so I can reuse the themes and examples in future posts.

In addition to what I've posted here, I've been taking notes on a variety of survey methodology and survey research issues over the past couple of years. From the theoretical to the applied, I'll be turning those notes into blog posts. They'll probably come about once a month. There's work to be done and a life to be had beyond blogging! :)

Below are some of the topics I plan to address.

Current research and writing: I'm inspired by James Wagner's use of his blog to discuss work in progress, so I'll do some of that.

General survey methodology: From more conceptual issues to tips and tricks for practitioners, I'll share my thoughts and experiences.

Data quality issues: Deconstructing the term, techniques for insuring it, etc. I figure that since "data quality" is in my new job title, some of my posts will be about the topic...good assumption? :)

Organizational leadership: I've always been interested in this topic, but have reflected on it with a particular focus over the past couple of years. I'll share my thoughts and ideas.

Tricks for personal efficiency: Survey researcher or not, we all want to be more productive. I've been experimenting with Getting Things Done (GTD) and The Pomodoro Technique for a year or so, and a variety of productivity software. I'll share my favorites and lessons learned.

Public health research methodology: Finally, and perhaps most significantly, my new job at CHIS puts me in a new field of application. I can now call myself a "public health researcher" so I'll post on issues of public health research methodology as they come my way. Looking forward to sharing with you and hearing your comments.

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