Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Humorous blog posts and a note on efficiency

A year or so ago I started a blog to catalog all the funny and interesting (i.e., teachable) references to social science and statistics I saw in popular media. If you're a Simpsons fan like me, you know there are more than a few great Simpsosn stats/research/science jokes.

In the past year I've also come to an efficiency and organization realization. For tasks and items that are very closely related, it's better to have fewer documents/sources/records whenever possible (e.g., one folder with clearly named files that holds all our analysis work rather than multiple files sorted by date or type of output, or one running project log document rather than individual notes by date). In that vein I decided to stop posting to that my other blog and just post these interesting and funny stats/research/science references here, just to make life easier. I'll tag these posts with either "pop culture" or "humor" (or both) depending on conent. Hope you enjoy.

Here are links to the few posts I made at that blog.

Good one-liner about charts and organizational research from The Cleveland Show.

I'm not sure if the joke here is on social scientists, Germans, or German social scientists, but I love this focus group bit from Mad Men. Also is a good joke on standardized question wording.

We can always count on SNL's Weekend Update for some good popular science humor. This one is about parenting. Could be a good joke for a lecture on sampling.

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