Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer online course in Methods of Data Collection

My online Methods of Data Collection course at UConn is short on students, and the program will decide next week (week of 5-11) whether to run it or drop it. It's scheduled to run June 2 - Aug 8. If you're interested, please contact to register. Please share with colleagues, students and friends. Thanks.

Course Descrption

PP 5397 H02 – class #2133 -- Methods of Data Collection, Dr. Matthew Jans
This course explores the many challenges of survey data collection, and highlights points in the data collection process where survey error can be introduced (intentionally or unintentionally). Using the Total Survey Error framework and supporting that framework with contemporary and classical research findings, you will learn how to evaluate potential survey errors related to various methods of data collection. The course goal is to help you become a savvy consumer and designer of survey research. Along the way you will learn about new techniques and facets of survey methodology, but this is not a "how to" course. Rather than learning one or two ways to design a questionnaire or a sample, you will learn and practice methods for assessing the quality of survey data and survey designs. This kind of training is rare, but it will prepare you to work in a variety of survey research jobs, whether you are more of a statistician or more of a social scientist, and whether your interests are on the academic side or the applied side of our field. We will cover the full range of data collection components and error sources, including coverage,sampling, nonresponse, and measurement. Mode effects and interviewer effects will be studied, and there will be lessons that focus specifically on paradata and web surveys.

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